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Signs You Are Ready to Be Your Own Boss

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signs you are ready to be your own boss

Starting your own business is a bucket list experience that most people would like to tick of their list.

Yes, it’s a tough journey but it just seems like the most logical thing to do, it’s the ultimate goal, the final destination, the journey of a lifetime.

With our 15 years of small business experience, we have decided to discuss what we think are the most important aspects of being a small business owner.

These aspects of business ownership have helped us on our journey, and they might help make your journey to becoming a proud business owner that much easier.

You will never be 100% ready

The reality is you will never be 100% ready. We have learned that most successful business owners start when they are not ready.

You need to get rid of that mentality that I just need to acquire a bit more knowledge, I need to build a slightly bigger network before I start, or I need to find a safer alternative.

Just do it, take that calculated leap of faith. Accept that you will never be 100% ready.

Know your purpose

It’s important to have a good understanding of your reasons, motivation, drive and intention behind starting your own business.

Make sure you write these reasons down as it is important that your reason for starting a business will continue to motivate you in 6 months time and 5 years time.

Know your own definition of success

Not only is it important to know why you want to start your own business, you also need to know what success looks like to you.

Is it being able to work on your own schedule? Is it getting that dream office overlooking the river?

You need to define what success means to you.

Whatever it may be – only you can decide what a successful life and a successful business looks like.