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Tips for Setting Up a Counselling Room

Looking for and setting up a space to practice counselling or psychology is an exciting time. You may already have a vision and set ideas of how you would like your practice to look and feel. Here are some tips for setting up a counselling room – Rent a Counselling Room If you are lucky enough you can find dedicated counselling rooms that are fully furnished and ready to go. All you need to do is bring your notebook and start practicing. This is an ideal option if you can find an available therapy space. Whatever the cost of renting is, try to include this in your fee, so you are able to help your clients from a dedicated and therapeutic counselling environment. Try Googling “counselling rooms for rent” in your location and start shopping around to see if anything is available and cost effective. Other options may include your local health or GP clinic. Some therapists like to work together in groups to reduce the financial burden of rent. Location of Counselling Rooms Location is really important. You want your counselling practice to be near residential areas to make… Read More »Tips for Setting Up a Counselling Room

Is It too Late to Start Your Own Business?

The media is quick to show case young entrepreneurs who start their own businesses and become successful. People such as Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder of Facebook and Matt Mullenweg who is the founder of WordPress are great examples of young entrepreneurs who made it big in their early 20s. However, starting at an early age isn’t the primary factor that determines whether your business will be successful or not. Just look at some of the most successful people in business who started in their 40s to 60s, such as Harland David Sanders (aka The Cornel) who franchised the legendary KFC at age 62 and Leo Goodwin who started Geico Insurance at the age of 50. There are many more cases that prove age is not directly related to having a successful business. In fact, the argument can be made that people who start their own business at a later age have a greater chance of becoming successful than those who start in their early 20s. Studies show that those who start their business at 55 are twice as likely to succeed than their counterparts. Some of the reasons… Read More »Is It too Late to Start Your Own Business?

Signs You Are Ready to Be Your Own Boss

Starting your own business is a bucket list experience that most people would like to tick of their list. Yes, it’s a tough journey but it just seems like the most logical thing to do, it’s the ultimate goal, the final destination, the journey of a lifetime. With our 15 years of small business experience, we have decided to discuss what we think are the most important aspects of being a small business owner. These aspects of business ownership have helped us on our journey, and they might help make your journey to becoming a proud business owner that much easier. You will never be 100% ready The reality is you will never be 100% ready. We have learned that most successful business owners start when they are not ready. You need to get rid of that mentality that I just need to acquire a bit more knowledge, I need to build a slightly bigger network before I start, or I need to find a safer alternative. Just do it, take that calculated leap of faith. Accept that you will never be 100% ready. Know your purpose It’s important to… Read More »Signs You Are Ready to Be Your Own Boss

Roadblocks to Opening a Therapy Practice

Roadblocks can stop your therapy business from getting up and running before the couch is delivered.

Here are 4 roadblocks that can stop your practice before you have even opened the doors to the clients.