About Us

Katie Larkin | Partner

Katie Larkin

Specialist Business Consultant

I am truly passionate about mental health and small business.

For the past 12 years I have run my own private practice and have first hand experience in what it means to manage a successful practice on a day to day basis.

Owning a practice is a true journey of people and growth. The experiences have been priceless.

I am particularly interested in the areas of Marketing, Strategic Planning and Mentoring.

Through Therapy Enterprise, I am lucky enough to be able to combine my two passions of business and mental health and share that with other counsellors and psychologists enabling them to work in the field that they also love.

Spending time with my family and my favourite people is what I love to do more than anything – sharing, eating and laughing.

Our Story

After over a decade of working in the mental health industry, 2 common factors have been on repeat:
  1. A large percentage of therapists have a common goal to move into their own private practice at some stage in their career.
  2. There are not enough local specialised mental health professionals to refer clients to.
As a result, Therapy Enterprise was established with the purpose of matching these two factors. Therapy Enterprise enables therapists to successfully move into private practice by equipping them with the necessary and relevant business skill set while also growing specialized mental health services within the community.

Our Vision

To develop SPECIALISED mental health services that are locally accessible.

Our Purpose

  1. Community benefit = Creating new specialised services within the mental health sector, that benefits the whole community at a grass roots level.
  2. Economic benefit = Establishing more successful niche businesses, creating more jobs, contributing to a healthier economy.
  3. Lifestyle benefit = Enabling therapists to have a successful business that compliments their personal circumstances and ideal lifestyle.

Our Values

Trust – To trust the actions, capabilities and strengths of our clients and stakeholders.   Loyalty – To bring a sense of loyalty through our business, building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships and community networks.   Integrity – To act with integrity at all times.   Excellence – To bring excellence into all our of work.   Practicality – To provide practical tools and information to our stakeholders.   Gratitude – To have gratitude that we are able to work the way we choose and share that gift with our clients.